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Simplify meal planning. Save money by the truckload.

The ultimate meal planning system for families on a budget. Learn how to cost effectively plan meals your family will eat and save big while doing it!

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Meal Planning for Families on a Budget


That's right. It's about time you and your grocery budget got along, don't you think?


You ready to stop throwing food (and money) in the trash?


Know what meals are going to save you the most money AND feed your family well (this includes snacks)!

What if you didn't have to break the bank to feed your family?

The tiny humans in my life need 3 meals a day with snacks sprinkled in between.

I still need money in my account to pay my other bills.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a magic genie that tells me how to make the most amount of food (that I know my family will eat) without spending a ton of money?

Maybe you're like me and you hate cooking and figuring out what's for dinner, but can't afford to keep eating out?

I hate cooking with the passion of 1,000 fiery suns.

But I also know I can't afford to eat out every meal.

The answer? A strategic system that plans in sprints to keep the overwhelm down, the time commitment small, and the process simple.

What's Included?


Making Sense of Dishes & Dollars

An e-book that walks you step-by-step through the meal planning process-- showing you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.


The Meal Magic Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet (adjustable based on family size) that gives you:

  • Price Sheet so that you know where to buy for the best price.
  • Meal Cost breakdown so that you know where the best values are to save you the most money.
  • The Best Ingredients to Use so you know how to build the best meals for the value.
  • Where to Plan for Leftover Meals so that are you eliminating food waste.


The Dishes & Dollars Workbook

Organize your meal planning process from top to bottom with these beautiful printables perfect for your meal planning binder. Included in the 17 page workbook are:

  • 2 sample meal plans examples
  • meal organizers
  • tips on how to squeeze out a few more dollars in savings
  • meal planning tips & hacks
  • how to make your produce last
  • conversion cheat sheet to make the most of the food you have
  • fridge, freezer, & pantry inventory sheets
  • the meal pairing sheet (the secret sauce to making this process crazy simple)

Making Sense of Dishes & Dollars E-Book

Dishes & Dollars Workbook



Dishes & Dollars Resource Library

Recommendations on where to find delicious budget meals, recommended meal planning tools and hacks, video support, and so much more!


1 Week Done-For-You Meal Plan

Ready to get started ASAP? Be sure to grab this done for you meal plan (servings are done for you based on family size) so you can start saving money this week on your groceries!


Hi, I’m Kristen! After graduating from business school well over 15 years ago, I jumped straight into married life with children. 

After 16 moves in 12 years, I’ve perfected the art of streamlining systems to get more while doing less.

I’m a professional blogger at Mom Managing Chaos, helping busy families simplify and organize their life and finances. 

Creating spreadsheets and systems is my jam!

If you are looking for a simple system to saving you massive cash and simplifying meals for your family on a budget-- Making Sense of Dishes and Dollars is for you.  



Why wait? Start saving money on groceries today!

Putting off simplifying your meals and saving more money? Isn't the best use of your time.

Stop struggling with blank monthly calendar sheets that do you no good and expect you to come up with absolutely everything on your own.

Allow the Making Sense of Dishes & Dollars system, get you out of your funk and start stacking cash today for less than the cost of dinner out!

$59.00 $7.00 if you buy now.



We've got A's for your Q's

Does Making Sense of Dishes & Dollars give me meals to cook?

A list of meals is provided as inspiration, but Making Sense of Dishes & Dollars teaches a meal planning system. The system will show you how to put meals together in the least expensive way possible and how to make strategic choices.

Who is this system for?

This system is for anyone working to get their grocery budget under control and to save more on food.  

Do I have to Meal Plan on the computer?

Nope! The Dishes & Dollars workbook is printable. This workbook will allow you to organize the meal planning process so you can maximize your savings.

The Meal Magic spreadsheet is online, but you can access that from your phone or computer (it uses Google Sheets so you don't need any fancy software or program--it's completely free to use) if you want to reference it. However, you can make your own printable version as well.

How much am I really going to be able to save?

Much of the success of this system is totally up to you. If you implement the system, you can dramatically increase your savings. Many of the Dishes & Dollars users have saved the amount they paid for the system in their first week alone.  

What if I'm on a special diet-- will this still save me money?

Absolutely! Dishes & Dollars is a system. No matter what diet, food allergy, etc you are working with there is still a solid strategy with how you put your meals together and that's what this system teaches.  

What if I live in a high cost of living area?

I feel you on this. I used to live in one of the most expensive states in the US and this system was my saving grace.

When you are paying 4x the cost of eggs than everyone else it's critical that you put some serious thought into your meal planning to make every penny count.

The Meal Magic spreadsheet allows you to make the price adjustments to accurately reflect your local grocery prices so you can make the most of this system.